Our Team

  SHEILA GANZ, Producer/Director/Editor

Sheila Ganz is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker.  Her work explores the lives of marginalized women, men and children.  The documentary ON LIFE’S TERMS: MOTHERS IN RECOVERY screened at film festivals, treatment programs, pre and perinatal departments in hospitals and aired on public television.  Recipient of the Certificate of Recognition, California State Legislature and Certificate of Honor, City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  Ganz first documentary UNLOCKING THE HEART OF ADOPTION screened at numerous film festivals and adoption conferences, aired on public television and The Documentary Channel.  Recipient of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, Angels in Adoption Award.  Both films are in distribution to educational institutions, adoption agencies and substance use treatment programs.  Ganz wrote Study Guides for both films.  Ganz taught filmmaking at Film Arts Foundation and guest lectured at City College of San Francisco and Academy of Art University.  Ganz wrote and directed two stage plays PRETEND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN about relinquishing her daughter for adoption, and LEAVING JOE about domestic violence.  Before becoming a documentary filmmaker, Ganz was a painter and sculptor, her work has exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Boston Area.  Attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; BA, Sculpture and MA, Interdisciplinary Arts, San Francisco State University.  Black Belt in Karate, Karate Do, San Francisco. Ganz is currently working on the documentary PIECE OF MIND, which comes out of her experience with her sister, who lives with schizophrenia.  “This story was staring me in the face.”

  CAROLE DEAN, Advisor

Carole Dean, Advisor, is a producer, as well as the author of The Art of Film Funding Second Edition & The Art of Manifesting: Creating your Future. Her Executive Producer credits are BAM 6.6, Women Behind the Camera, Step Away From the Stone, American Chain Gang, and more on IMDB. Carole is an Entrepreneur who created and ran a Film business in Hollywood, NYC and Chicago for 33 years, she sold it in 2001. She created the Roy Dean Film grant in 1992 and has given over $2,500,000.00 in grants to independent filmmakers, and helped to produce over 70 films. Carole is currently the President of From the Heart Productions, a 501 C3 nonprofit, where she manages the Grant and fiscal sponsorships for the nonprofit; and she teaches and mentors filmmakers with extraordinary films.

 ELLIE SHUKERT, Advocacy Advisor

Ellie Shukert has two sons with mental illness and worries all the time that they could end up homeless when she and her husband are not around anymore.  Or even before, as they are adults and a psychotic break could make them unresponsive to help.  Ellie has advocated for persons living with serious mental illness (SMI) for 20 years.  She writes to politicians and the powers that be to help the SMI get off the streets, out of prison, and into proper care and supportive housing.  Funding is difficult.  Stigma.  Ignorance.  Ellie’s personal essay Dorothea Dix Reborn was published in the award-winning book Tomorrow Was Yesterday by Dede Ranahan with 64 co-authors.  Ellie sat for four weeks at Teresa’s trial in San Francisco along with other mothers.  She introduced Sheila Ganz to Teresa’s sister, Frances, who agreed to have Teresa’s story in the documentary PIECE OF MIND.  “I’m going to work till I die to motivate people in charge to develop a humane healthcare system with equal attention to SMI.”


Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Grammy Award-winner, she writes music for concert halls, film and theatrical stages internationally, film scores include: THE SHATTERING, THE APOCALYPSE ACCORDING TO DORIS, JOBURG, MESMERIZE ME, BACK TO THE FRONT and TEMPORARY OBSESSION, among others, in addition to collaborative work on numerous projects including KINECT DISNEYLAND ADVENTURES, CRAFT IN AMERICAN, VITO, IN JUSTICE, AMERICAN MASTERS, ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE JR., KUNG FU PANDA 2 Video Game, THE TOURNAMENT, among others.  Among her documentary film scores is ON LIFE’S TERMS: MOTHERS IN RECOVERY.  Kroll-Rosenbaum won the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award for her work, Two Songs from DAYS OF INNOCENCE, published by Boosey & Hawkes and released by Vital Records.  From 2003-2005, Kroll-Rosenbaum served as the Director of the Composers’ Forum at The Juilliard School, and as a Teaching Artist for the New York Philharmonic.  As a co-founder and six-year co-director of the interdisciplinary new music group, VisionIntoArt, she collaborated on creating multimedia programming and music for over 30 productions that were presented throughout the United States. Kroll-Rosenbaum has received grants from The American Music Center, Meet the Composer, The New York State Council on the Arts, ASCAP, NFAA, among others.  In 2009, Kroll-Rosenbaum served as co-librettist and executive music producer for the Carnegie Hall world premiere of Langston Hughes’ ASK YOUR MAMA, a multimedia collaboration between Jessye Norman, Laura Karpman and The Roots.

   JENNINE LANOUETTE, Story Consultant

Jennine Lanouette has worked with Pixar Animation Studios, Independent Television Service, Film Arts Foundation, Squaw Valley Community of Writers and numerous screenwriters, directors and documentary filmmakers including: SMITTEN and FOLLOWING SEAN, Point of View Series, and Emmy-nominated ON LIFE’S TERMS: MOTHERS IN RECOVERY by director/producer, Sheila Ganz.  Jennine has taught story structure analysis at Pixar, Lucasfilm and online at screentakes.com, where she has also blogged extensively and posted instructional videos.  Her articles on story structure have appeared in Release Print and Filmmaker magazines. As a free-lance journalist covering American Independent film, she has written for Premiere, The Village Voice, Ms., Sight and Sound, Screen International, and The Independent.

NANCY ERICSSON, Camera Person, has worked as a director, cinematographer and producer.  She applies her natural composition and lighting abilities, and extensive still photography experience to her video productions.  Her motion work, which includes online advertising, fashion videos, documentaries and interviews.  Nancy is also a successful pro still photographer who shoots Fashion and Lifestyle imagery for clients like: The BBC, Eddie Bauer, Fox, The Gap, Seventeen Magazine, Parade Magazine, and Town & Country. Nancy has also photographed a number of celebrities including: Robin Williams, Russell Brand, Danny Glover, Robin Wright, Boys to Men, Tyler James Williams, Jade Anderson, and NBA star Chris Mullin.  Her fine art images have been exhibited in prestigious galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

HEIDI IRGENS, Camera Person, experience includes: production, development, scriptwriting, videography, and post-production, radio, voice-over, broadcasting and graphics.  Excellent communication styles developed from her professional background with diverse and large groups as a producer, post-production supervisor, project manager, teacher and group leader.  Experienced collaborator with varied participant populations, including senior management and military officials, middle managers, educators, administrators, corporate clients, independent filmmakers, musicians, artists and complementary medicine practitioners.

JENNIE-SUE NUCCIO, Camera Person, is an alum of Lucasfilm, NBC News, and the White House Office for Women’s Initiatives and Outreach.  Trained as an A.D. under Danielle Rigby at the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program, she has worked as First A.D., Producer, and Cameraperson on a number of documentary and feature film projects.  Her work as a director/producer has been seen at festivals around the globe and on the Investigation Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Biography Channel.


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